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7th-9th February 2013

“7th Indian STEP and Business Incubator’s Association (ISBA 2013) in KIIT”

November 18, 2011

“TREC-STEP incubated company receives best entrepreneur award”

May 20' 2011

“Mini Cold Storage Units Project”

November 10, 2010

“Genrerating wealth for small farmers from Post Harvest Wastage - A DM Gift to Bottom of the Pyramid ,where it is most needed”

January 31st ,2009

“TREC-STEP Incubatees Won National Awards “ISBA 2009 and ISBA 2010”

October 23 ,2008

“EurOffice Services Best success story Award for TREC-STEP at Lyon, France on Thursday October 23rd 2008”

Oct 06, 2008

“Trec-Step wins prestigious award”

September 26th 2008

“TREC-STEP wins the World Bank Development Marketplace 2008 Award at Washington DC”

September 8, 2007

“Inaugurated TREC-STEP’s New Technology Incubator Building”

November 20, 2006

“The International Champion of Business Incubation Award for the year 2006 from United Kingdom Business Incubation (UKBI)”


“Bharti Entrepreneur of the Year-2004”


“Best Innovation Award 2002”


“Best Performing STEP Award 2001”